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Logic Pro X
Avid ProTools 12
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Celemony - Melodyne Editor (Autotune)

dbx DriveRack 260

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   Konstantin is a dynamic and passionate audiophile. Dedicated to the world of sound his entire life, his credits include Music Producer, DJ, Sound Engineer and Audio Instructor.
  He studied at Moscow College of Improvised Music  with a specialty in Computer Arrangement and Sound Design. He completed the Master Recording Course in Audio at the Institute of America and is a member of S.I.R.E; The Society of International Recording Engineers.
  In addition, Konstantin has developed several successful music projects where he has played alongside artists like Vicetone, Showtek, Dannic, and Borgeous. One of his project  was a winner of a Beatport Contest for Giuseppe Ottaviani’s Label “Go on Air Recordings” under Black Hole Recordings.
    Since 2002, he has been in the studio working as a sound engineer, producer and songwriter. He has worked with all types of genres such as R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Trance, House, Techno, EDM,  Trap, Funk, Soul and Open format.
    Konstantin is also working as a ghost producer for several well-known EDM artists, teaching regularly as a private instructor and  consulting/producing for clients worldwide.

Studio Approx. 200 sq ft.

   Gilberto is a professional audio engineer and musician that always gives 200%. Growing up in Los Angeles, CA, he has always been exposed to different styles of music such as Pop, Hip Hop, R&b, Trap, Latin, EDM, Rock and beyond.

   He attended Musicians Institute after many years of running live sound and learning on his own to broaden his knowledge of different perspectives from many grammy award winning engineers. There, he received his certificate in Audio Engineering. He is a member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) and regularly attends conventions/ shows where he makes many connections.

   Gilberto is also a part of the music production duo “GodyGill” where him and his partner create various styles of tracks such as: Hip Hop, R&b, Pop, EDM, Spanish and more.

     Union Recording Studio is located in the heart of Hollywood and just steps away from Sunset Strip. In our recording studio every project is important and every client is special. Whether you are an artist just starting out, an expert or individual who loves music, at Union Recording Studio we are designed to meet the needs of major projects while remaining accessible and affordable for anyone. We are experienced in all styles of popular music, including EDM, Hip Hop, Dance, Pop, R&B, Electronic, Country, Rap, and more.

At Union Recording Studio, anyone can record their own song and make or musical composition.
   If you only have lyrics, we offer technology that will enhance, enrich and help construct your unique song for the whole world to hear. Our clients have millions of plays on iTunes, SoundClound and Spotify.
    Here at Union Recording Studio, anyone can create music. With our professional, as well as personal involvement, your work will be remembered forever!       


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Universal Audio Apollo 8 Thunderbolt 2 


Dynaudio Acoustics BM5A

ROKIT 5 G3 Studio Monitors

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Neumann TLM103

Blue Microphones Yeti Pro

Shure SM58


Sony MDR-7506

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